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Stalmac Enterprise provide Crane Repair and Maintenance Services for the host of industrial sectors. Our effective maintenance services allow our users the quick and hassle free usage of Cranes. Supported by extremely skilled technicians, our services are acclaimed for reliability and speediness. When it comes to maintenance services, our technician and service engineers are not afraid of getting their hands dirty. Repair and maintenance services include – Explanation maintenance, Regular Preventive Maintenance, Annual Maintenance Deals or AMC and Predictive maintenance.

We also take on replacement of worn out parts, development in existing design to decrease need for regular change of parts, LT wheel replacement, LT wheel position including its verticality and skew, Drive alignment, Replacement of Brake Drum and Brake liners, repair of motors and gearboxes, replacement of wire rope and rope sheaves, alternative of hooks, rectification of CT rail level difference, Gantry Rail alignment and Gantry Rail substitute.

Maintenance Services for Power System include alternative of motor slip rings and carbon brushes, repair of panel and alternative of worm out parts such as contactors, cleaning of systems and resistance boxes, replacement of damaged cables and cable dressing, alternative of current collector/ shoe and setting of overload relays and limit switches.