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Manual Gantry Crane

Manual Gantry Crane

Stalmac make Goliath/Gantry Cranes are design & manufactured in accordance with IS:4137. the structural parts of cranes are designed in Accordance with IS:804

In our Crane "legs" eliminate the supporting runway and column system and connect to end trucks which run on a rail either embedded in or laid on top of the floor.

A gantry crane has a hoist with trolley which runs horizontally along gantry rails, usually fitted underneath a beam spanning between uprights which themselves have wheels so that the whole crane can move at right angles to the direction of the gantry rails.

  • CAPACITY : 3 TON to 7.5 TON
  • SPAN : 5.0 Mtr. to 15.0 Mtr.
  • HIGHT OF LIFT : 3.0 Mtr. to 15 Mtr.
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